Title: Countryballs: The Heist

Platform: Windows PC + Apple Mac

Genre: Singleplayer Stealth-Adventure

Release: 2025

Game Ambassador: PWA

Social Media: PWA’s YouTube Channel

Developer: pterix GmbH (Switzerland)

Contact: Click here

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Short Description

Countryballs: The Heist is PWA's comedic stealth adventure where you become a master thief for eccentric clients. Customise your Countryball's disguise to explore maze-like countries. Plan, sabotage, hide and trick to outwit guards and traps - or create your own thrilling heists for the community. 

Key Features

Countryballs: The Heist gameplay
  • strategic planing of each heist and disguising
  • distract enemies using interactive environments
  • stealth with grid-based movement
  • engaging narrative with exclusive cutscenes by PWA
  • character customisation including all national flags of the world
  • built-in Heist (level) editor for user generated community content

Be the Main Character in PWA's Countryball Story

Experience PWA's story about the thieving Countryballs, viewed and loved by millions... with YOU as the main protagonist. As a Countryball rookie who (unwillingly) signs up with a shady spy agency, you embark on a crazy journey around the world, encountering many familiar Countryball characters... and their quirks. 

Countryballs: The Heist cutscene

About PWA

PWA is an animator and filmmaker hailing from New Zealand, boasting a dedicated YouTube following exceeding 750,000 subscribers. He's renowned for his witty and satirical series' centered around the Countryballs, including the notably acclaimed 'THE HEIST'. The blue Countryball is PWA’s and the game’s mascot.


Customise and Create Your Own Content

Find more customised countries in the press kit at the top of this page.

Countryballs: The Heist customisation

Customise your individual disguise from a colossal collection of over 250 unlockable flags and skins. Whether it's the icy Arctic, the sandy Sahara, a posh pool party, or a secret space station: Blend in – or blast off! 

Countryballs: The Heist editor

Download heists of your friends (and foes) and embark on ever new adventures – or become a heist creator yourself and design challenging Heists for a global player base using the integrated Heist Editor. 

About the Developer


Founded in March 2022 in the heart of the Swiss Alps, pterix GmbH is a one-man indie game studio dedicated to creating fantastic gaming experiences.

Following several years of part-time indie development the founder of pterix made the decision to fully dedicate himself to indie game development in 2023, pursuing his lifelong dream with unwavering passion.